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Feature Apptech Square Clover
Transaction fees $2.60 + $0.20 $2.60 + $0.20 $2.60 + $0.20
Same-day funding $0 1% Not offered
Software licensing fee $0 $0-$60/month $14-$29/month
Technical support 24/7 6am - 6pm PT 24/7
Qualifying credit & service required for same day funding; funding may be delayed by Apptech®’s Risk department at any time.
Competitor info based on software pricing as of March 4, 2019 published at squareup.com/pricing and clover.com/shop/product/clover-go/reader. POS pricing may vary.

Questions about Apptech?

Apptech is a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) system created for small businesses that makes it easy and affordable to accept payments, get same-day funding and manage business operations, virtually whenever and wherever you want. It is the mPOS solution that offers free same day funding AND no software licensing fees.